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Yogic Diet

Complete Guide to Yogic Diet

With the time yoga has gained much popularity and visibility  but still it has been a mystery for many of us, it is spiritual philosophy which advocates healthy living practices. Many philosophers has failed to articulated it well, leading to a notion that it is  a restricted life style. Rather it is full of fun and brings our body & mind in one line. Further if we practice yoga with yogic diet the impact becomes many folds. Coming to our topic yogic diet we mean a diet which is in harmony with nature which intern brings harmony within ourselves. With this article we will try to burst out some of the myths related to yogic diet.


·       Satvik Aahaar- Satvik Vichar : If you can slowly get inclined towards vegetarian food minimizing the non vegetarian items in your meal will be very much helpful. Basic idea of ayurveda which is in sync with the peace in every spare of work gets compromised. Satvik Aahaar- Satvik Vichar i.e. Purity of food and thought behind the food cannot be taken care in case of having animal flesh within tools killing.

·       Organic Food : Seasonal and organic food with minimum pesticides free from chemical treatments should be an essential and regular part of your diet.

·       Avoid Processed Food: We need to avoid processed food, alcohol, tobacco, food with caffeine or artificial sweeteners to purify our body.

·       80/20 formula: We should eat at regular interval with 80/20 formula which means your stomach should be 80% full and 20% empty. This will improve your gut health as it gives some time for relaxation to the body which is not possible in case of over eating or full stomach. These days, it is seen that people continue to eat just because they have to eat without any sensation of hunger. This is happening because they are over eating and not allowing the earlier food to get digested which intern leads to much other complication.

·       Sun Factor: Morning meal should be full of fruits and organic nuts etc. The afternoon meal should be the biggest meal of the day. The cooked food should be the part of your dinner. As, uncooked or organic food requires more time to digest compared to cooked food. Further your meals should go hand in hand with the father of nature that is sun. Thus, we need to organize our meals in such a way that the dinner should be completed with the dawn of sun. The old age proverb early to rise early to bed really brings good health

·       Focused Eating : A positive mindset is also very important when you are having your food does as per Ayurveda it has been specifically mentioned that the person who cooks the food should cook with all positive mindset as well as the person who is having the food should also have a positive. Some kind of pray for a minute before thanking all mighty thanking the person involved in preparation of food can be very much helpful. This is called mindful eating.Wherein we concentrate our thought /mind on food only with no distractions of TVs, Mobiles etc.


·       A break what all is needed: We all adore break from our routine work, after break, we feel regenerated/ The same is true for our body. Our body also requires break once in a while. This can be done with the help of fasting which is considered as an essential part of your food routine. Fasting helps the body to reconcile itself and be   ready again. As a beginner it could be little difficult for you to go for a fast for the whole day, also it is not suggestible, rather you can begin your journey with fasting for a half day.

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